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iphone-insuranceIt is the season of new iPads and iPhones. If you are buying new devices you surely want to protect it from the risk of damage or defect. You can also purchase a supplemental protection plan, aside from using a case. Some people find ease of repair and value in the peace of mind that is offered by protection plans. So, it is important to weigh your options carefully if you do think that extra protection is right for you. The terms and conditions widely vary from one protection plan to another and they are expensive.

Here is a list of some of the protection plans meant as iPhone insurance.

Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty

Apple’s one-year limited warranty should be your first line of defence. It comes included with every refurbished or new Mac, including the iPad and iPhone no matter where you purchase it from. Though the warranty covers your device from design and manufacturing defects, but it does not protect it from accidental damage, theft or loss. This plan gives you coverage for one year. Apple will replace or repair your device free of charge, if you find any defect within that first year.


AppleCare+ is the Cadillac of protection plans, in terms of service and convenience. It offers protection from accidental damage from handling and an extended warranty period. It is only available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. The service quality and convenience of the plan are its standout features. You can purchase AppleCare+ along with your device, or any time within 30 days of purchase. As Apple, the original manufacturer is doing the work; you should expect labour and parts to be of highest quality under AppleCare+.

Third-Party Protection Plans

Third-party protection plans may be a good alternative, if you are looking for pricing or coverage options. Third-party protection plans give you diverse options in terms of service, cost and coverage. These plans vary widely depending on specific protection options, who are offering the plan and what you are protecting. Important information is buried deep in contract legalese to make things more difficult.

Carrier Insurance Plans

Mobile carrier insurance plans offered directly by your mobile carriers are just third-party protection plans. The extensive coverage and low up-front cost are among the major advantages of mobile carrier insurance plans. Firstly, a hefty signup fee is not charged by mobile insurance plans. Secondly, far more coverage, in terms of amount of coverage and loss, are offered by the mobile insurance plans than any other protection plans.

Credit Card Purchase Protection

A superb way of mitigating risk without paying out-of-pocket for a protection plan is offered by the credit card purchase protection programs. Cards that include automatic purchase protection are offered by a number of different companies. It gives you loss and theft protection, extended warranty, ADH and additional but limited return for anything you buy using the card.

Thus, select the best suitable protection plan from the above discussed plans in order to protect your device from any kind of risk.

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